Author - International Cowgirl

I’m Cat, the spirited force behind International Cowgirl, a platform that sprouted from the fusion of two seemingly distinct worlds that are seamlessly intertwined in my unique life. Hailing from the beautiful city of Edinburgh in Scotland, I’ve been fortunate to lead an international life, shuttling between Central Florida and the UK. As an enthusiastic equestrian, I was immersed in English/Classic riding from a young age, and my transition to the US with my mother couldn’t have kept me away from horses or animals in general.

A wonderful twist of fate led me into the vibrant Western riding and horse community. Immersed in this realm, I began covering rodeos, horse shows, and the spirited lifestyle of cowgirls and cowboys in my blog. I extend this enthusiasm across the UK, Europe, New Zealand, and Australia, reporting on diverse riding cultures and equestrian events.

On my blog, I strive to illuminate various local and national equine and rodeo community issues while fostering a harmonious understanding between the Western and English riding styles. My heart swells with pride in highlighting and celebrating the efforts of individuals in my community who are passionately working to realize their dreams. The blog serves as a platform to support, promote, and uplift those who contribute to the world of horses, as well as bridge the gap between different equestrian disciplines. Check out my website at to dive deeper into the stories and discussions from the thrilling and diverse world of horse riding.”