Author - Beth Lauren Parrish

Beth Lauren Parrish is not just an equestrian; she’s a soul-seeker, an advocate of heart-based connection, and the creator of Inspired Riding®, a distinctive approach for horse enthusiasts. Her journey with horses isn’t solely about riding; it’s about the magical moments, the breath shared, and the connection that transcends the mundane.

With a wealth of experience as a CHA Certified Level 3 Instructor in English and Western disciplines, a Level 1 Equestrian Tai Chi Instructor, and a Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT®) Practitioner, Beth brings her expertise, heart, and intuition to the world of equestrianism. Since 1986, she’s been on a dedicated path with horses, teaching and sharing her wisdom for over two decades.

Beth’s philosophy is to slow down and embrace the subtle yet profound connection between horse and rider. She believes that horses offer invaluable life lessons and insights to those willing to listen. Her Inspired Riding® system is built on understanding, trust, and the true bond between rider and horse, acknowledging the necessity for mutual harmony and respect.

She encourages riders to listen to their intuition and be present in the shared space with their equine partners. With her heart-based approach, Beth strives to foster a deeper connection with horses, empowering riders to tap into the heart-centered art of riding.

Beth’s mission is not just about lessons; it’s a journey to reveal the extraordinary, the magical, and the transformative power of equestrianism. Her book, “Your Horse Believes in You,” is a testament to this journey. Through Inspired Riding®, Beth Lauren Parrish is committed to sharing a message of connection, harmony, and a deeper understanding of horses and ourselves.