Author - Hope Chisar

Avon Lake, Ohio is where my story begins, navigating the world of academia as an English Equine Studies/Business double major. Horses have always been my guiding stars, leading me through a journey where passion intertwines with purpose.

From the age of eight, dressage became not just a discipline but a way of life for me. The connection forged in the discipline of dressage never lost its allure. At the tender age of 12, I bought my first horse, marking the start of a thrilling journey filled with shows and endless equestrian adventures that lit up my summers.

Dressage has been the cornerstone of my riding endeavors, offering a path where I’ve found not just a sport, but a profound connection with my horses. The elegance, the precision, and the goal-oriented nature of the dressage world have continuously inspired and driven me. While dressage holds my heart, I’ve also dipped into the world of show jumping, exploring the diversity and challenges that come with it.

The essence of riding lies in the connection between horse and rider. The discipline and dedication needed for dressage have not just honed my skills but also taught me a valuable lesson—mastering the fundamentals can open doors to riding anything. It’s the very foundation that not only shapes my riding but also encapsulates a goal-oriented and determined approach to life.

Beyond the stables, I find solace in the simple pleasures—hanging out with my dog, savoring moments of tranquility, and finding joy in the melodies of music. The rhythm of life mirrors the grace of riding, both inspiring me to embrace connections and pursue goals with dedication and passion.