Author - Gabrielle Fournier

Greetings! Hailing from the charming state of Connecticut, my life’s journey has been intertwined with the exhilarating world of equestrianism. From the tender age of eight, I delved into the realm of horsemanship as a dedicated working student. Over the years, I’ve had the privilege of training and working alongside esteemed professionals such as Timmy Kees, Lindsey Knight, Nikko Ritter, and Frank Madden, each experience contributing to my growth and knowledge in the equestrian domain.

My academic pursuits at Delaware State University revolve around a major in History and a minor in Pre-Law, reflecting my passion for understanding the intricacies of the past while paving the way for a potential career in law. Outside of academics, my life centers around the exhilarating world of riding and competing. This passion fills my schedule, leaving little room for other hobbies, a choice I’ve made wholeheartedly to dedicate myself entirely to my equestrian pursuits and studies.

As a student-athlete at Delaware State University, I’ve found a home that extends beyond the realms of academics and equestrianism. The university has offered me a platform not just for learning but for building invaluable connections and fostering friendships that transcend the boundaries of the campus. The network and camaraderie I’ve established here are as enriching as the academic knowledge I gain, contributing to a holistic growth that goes beyond the textbooks and competition arenas.

My journey as a student-athlete and a dedicated scholar in the equestrian world is one defined by a relentless pursuit of excellence. Every day spent in the saddle or in the classrooms of Delaware State University shapes me into a dynamic individual, fueled by a desire to excel in both academics and my passion for riding, forging a path that’s as thrilling as it is enriching.