Author - Eva Epstein

Hailing from the vibrant city of Albuquerque, New Mexico, my journey at university has been a riveting expedition in pursuit of my PreVet major. When I’m not delving into the realms of veterinary science at Delaware State University, I’m either engrossed in the saddle or pushing my limits at the gym. As the hunt seat captain of our team, I relish in the balance between leadership and the sheer thrill of riding.

My life isn’t just about equine pursuits; it’s a blend of passions that might seem like a paradox. Alongside my equestrian endeavors, I step into the ring as an amateur boxer, finding harmony between the finesse of riding and the grit of boxing. These seemingly contrasting worlds intertwine, defining the multifaceted layers of my journey.

As my academic journey propels me toward a future in veterinary science, I am simultaneously paving the way toward veterinary schools, set to embark on this application journey come summer. Prior to my college years, my equestrian journey was vibrant, showcasing my talents on the AA/A USHJA Circuit across multiple states—New Mexico, Colorado, California, and Texas. The horse bug bit me early; I vividly recall my first encounter with a horse at the tender age of five, a moment that ignited an everlasting passion.

In the equestrian world, I’m not just limited to one division; I compete in both equitation and jumper divisions, challenging myself and thriving in the exhilarating atmosphere of competition. Riding isn’t just a sport for me; it’s a canvas where I express myself and strive for excellence, drawing parallels to the intricate layers of veterinary science.

My life’s journey is an intricate tapestry of academic pursuits, athletic endeavors, and a profound love for horses. The ring and the saddle, both symbolize different facets of my dedication and the diverse passions that shape my journey toward becoming a skilled veterinarian.