Author - Erica Ash

Hey there! I’m Erica Ash, a dream-chasing, adventure-loving Oregon native, perpetually in search of captivating stories, all while fueled by my unwavering passion for coffee. The horse-crazy bug bit me early on, steering me into a lifelong equestrian journey that’s molded my identity.

I’m a firm believer that horses have an uncanny way of shaping who we become, and I owe a lot of my personal growth to these incredible creatures. From the exhilarating ups to the invaluable lessons in challenging moments, each equine companion has left an indelible mark on my life.

My mission revolves around forging trust-based relationships and nurturing enduring connections with our horses. Whether it’s through interactive in-person workshops or engaging online resources like my blog, e-book, and tailored courses, I’m dedicated to guiding fellow horse enthusiasts on the path to building remarkable bonds with their equine companions. These resources aim to inspire, educate, and empower riders to create extraordinary moments with their horses, transforming each experience into something truly remarkable.

The essence of my work encapsulates the belief that every single interaction with our horses should be nothing short of incredible. It’s not just about riding or training; it’s about the emotional connection, trust, and companionship that transcend the equine-human relationship.

My journey is a blend of chasing horizons, discovering new tales, and savoring each cup of coffee while delving deeper into the unique narratives that unfold between humans and horses. As a part of this incredible equestrian community, I aspire to help riders foster unforgettable moments and create a harmonious and lasting connection with their equine partners.

Join me on this adventure as we uncover the secrets of forging remarkable relationships and embracing every precious moment with our horses. Together, let’s make every experience extraordinary!