Author - Emily Harris

I’m Emily Nicole Harris, the enthusiastic, horse-loving older sister at Sisters Horsing Around, bringing my passion for horses, a knack for technology, and an entrepreneurial spirit to our vibrant equestrian vlog.

Ever since my early years, horses have held a special place in my heart. It took quite a while to get my first horse, Amazing Grace, but that moment marked the start of my horse journey. I later welcomed Stella, and the joy of riding and caring for these beautiful animals became an integral part of my life.

At Sisters Horsing Around, my role spans multiple hats – co-founder, entrepreneur, web and graphics designer, technology and social media coordinator, video creator, and content curator. It’s a lot to manage, but I absolutely relish every bit of it.

As a rider and trainer, I’ve ventured into various equestrian disciplines, including Dressage, Hunt Seat, Show Jumping, Western Dressage, Ranch Riding, and Trail. While I excel in Western disciplines like Ranch Riding and Western Dressage, I’m preparing to explore more realms with my horses, embracing new opportunities and experiences.

I’ve also contributed significantly to the equestrian community, serving as a clinician for Eastern States Wild Horse and Burro Adoption events, a United States Pony Clubs Inc Board of Governors member, and previously chaired the USPC’s National Youth Board in 2022. I’m dedicated to supporting the Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility committee, Governance committee, and the Development Committee.

My passion for horses extends beyond personal pursuits, and I was a former approved Mustang Heritage Foundation TIP Trainer. I’m committed to enhancing horse-human connections, promoting horse welfare, and fostering diversity and inclusion in the equestrian world.