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Hello, I’m Catherine, and I’m here to guide fellow equestrians in leading a better life with their horses while mastering financial savviness. Financial comfort is crucial for everyone, especially considering the substantial cost of our equine passion. I write on The Economical Equestrian, an outlet where I’m devoted to educating individuals to be more adept with their finances and also provide insights into horse care, riding, and coexisting with these majestic animals. You can find more of my thoughts and advice at

My passion for frugality and financial planning has been a consistent focus in my life. In a generation often perceived as financially carefree, I stand out as someone who emphasizes financial consciousness, especially in balancing this lifestyle with the expensive nature of the equestrian world. I aim to share my financial insights while cherishing our shared equestrian pursuits. You can achieve financial stability alongside your equine passions, but it requires commitment and effort.

With over twenty-four years of unwavering devotion to horses, I’ve reveled in various equestrian disciplines, predominantly in English riding styles such as eventing, dressage, and hunter/jumpers. I acknowledge and celebrate the extensive range of horse sports that unites us as equestrians. Whether it’s riding English, Western, or any other discipline, our shared love for horses brings us together.

My relentless enthusiasm for learning about horses inspires my pursuit. On my platform, you’ll find an assortment of equine-related topics, catering to the diverse interests within the equestrian community. Join me in navigating through all things equestrian, from financial tips to horse care essentials, as we cherish this incredible bond with our equine companions.