Author - Annakah Stadlwieser

I’m Annakah Stadlwieser, a full-time equine photographer based in Calgary, Alberta. The handsome bay beside me? Oh, that’s Diesel. As any equestrian knows, you’re more likely to remember his name than mine—and I’m fine with that!

I’ve always been wired as a type-A personality. Observant and compassionate to a fault, I’m the kind of person who finds beauty in the small things, cherishing those magical moments as long as I can. If I had to describe myself in five words, it would be observant, driven, patient, passionate, and curious.

My clients—many of whom turn into good friends—often describe me as friendly, patient, easy-going, and warm during our sessions. I certainly rely on patience, a trait I value, especially when working with horses. Patience has been my trusty companion, even with those horses who’ve given it their best shot!

I adore good music, sometimes waiting in a freezing car to hear the end of a song. Ever thought of the soundtrack to life’s moments? That’s my constant musings. Plus, Friends—the TV show? Let’s just say, I’ve watched it more times than I can count, quoting every line at this point. I’m not much of a coffee person, but tea? Yes, please! Comfort food, especially anything cheese-laden, is a must.

Happiness, for me, is deeply intertwined with being with my horse, capturing moments behind a camera, and wandering through the forest. I’m committed to weaving these three passions into my life, which often translates to a busy schedule. Above all, I cherish meeting horses and the people who love them, crafting their stories through my lens.

Calgary Equine Photographer, finding joy in both the art of photography and the vibrant world of equines, whether in the bustling city or competing in Show Jumping at the Beaumont Ag-Park in Edmonton, AB.