Author - Alyssa Mathews

Hi, I’m Alyssa Mathews, and my life has revolved around a passionate love for horses and adventure. Growing up in a small town in northwest Wisconsin, I developed an intense obsession with horses, setting foot in the equestrian world at the age of five. Since then, horses have been an integral part of my life, shaping my journey as an enthusiastic equestrian and an avid explorer.

My equestrian ventures have been a fascinating mix of training methods, riding styles, and meeting a multitude of horse breeds. From partaking in pony express re-enactments on a magnificent Missouri Fox Trotter to working with the rare Skyrian Ponies at a therapeutic riding center in Greece, each ride brought a unique story and invaluable lessons.

The dream of riding every breed of horse was a seed that took root over a decade ago. This aspiration led me to launch DiscoverTheHorse, an award-winning equine adventure series and breed education project. The vision was to showcase the incredible diversity and capabilities of our equine companions worldwide. This endeavor aims to capture the essence of over 100 horse breeds in 21 countries, exploring their characteristics, riding experiences, and unique attributes.

My journey to ride every breed is a world record attempt and stands as the largest equine education project of its kind. The goal is to illustrate the remarkable roles these majestic creatures play in our lives and to share their stories with the world. Through my travels and adventures, I aim to honor these magnificent animals and celebrate the unparalleled beauty and diversity of the horse world.

Join me on this remarkable adventure as we discover the remarkable world of horses together!