Author - Dain Rakestraw

Dain Rakestraw is the Director of Marketing and Client Services at Red Brand, a line of premium agricultural fencing products known as the most recognized brand of agricultural fencing in the United States.

Red Brand, a prominent name in the field of agricultural fencing, stands as a testament to a legacy of excellence and reliability in equine containment solutions. Established in 1889, the company has been dedicated to producing top-tier wire fence products, specifically designed to meet the stringent demands of equine safety and security.

At the helm of Red Brand is Dain Rakestraw, serving as the Director of Marketing and Client Services. With a commitment to providing premium agricultural fencing products, Red Brand has earned its distinction as the most recognized brand of agricultural fencing across the United States.

Understanding the innate nature of horses and their propensity for fence-related injuries due to their instinct to bolt or push against enclosures, Red Brand has meticulously crafted wire fences that go beyond merely containing these majestic animals. These fences are engineered to withstand the impact of a horse, ensuring longevity and safety.

Red Brand’s expertise lies in constructing mesh wire fences, intricately weaving wires into specific spacings and using secured knots at intersections. The design of these fences prioritizes strength, stability, and security, offering a barrier that minimizes the risk of hoof entanglement and collapse.

The mesh patterns, designed in small rectangular or triangular shapes, are galvanized to withstand weather elements, deterring potential hazards and predators from entering pastures or corrals. These fences serve not only as a means to contain horses but also to manage the movement of pets and small animals while maintaining structural integrity and ease of maintenance.

Red Brand’s wire mesh fences offer a comprehensive solution that ensures both the safety of horses and the security of their environment, making it a trusted choice for equestrian enclosure needs across the United States.