Author - Camryn Taylor

I’m Camryn Taylor, currently a passionate Equine Science/Management student at Auburn University, and I’m thrilled to be graduating in the class of 2023. My life revolves around everything equine, and my journey at Auburn University has been a pivotal chapter in my pursuit of equine expertise. As an active member of the Auburn University Intercollegiate Horse Show Association (AU IHSA) Team, I’m fortunate to serve as an executive member, further deepening my involvement and commitment to the equestrian community.

In my personal equine realm, I’m fortunate to share my life with an incredible quartet of horses. Gem, my trusty 1999 Quarter Horse, and Honey, a charming 2005 Quarter Horse, are not just companions but a part of my heart and soul. War Veteran, or as we fondly call him, “Vet,” is a proud 2006 Off-the-Track Thoroughbred, bringing an incredible spirit and history to our dynamic. Adding more diversity to my equine family is Manny, a spirited 2006 Paso Fino, offering a unique perspective on equine care and training.

The equine world is where my heart truly belongs. I live and breathe horses, and my academic pursuits are entirely dedicated to expanding my knowledge in equine sciences and management. The AU IHSA Team involvement has been an invaluable part of my growth, providing an opportunity to engage, learn, and lead within a community that shares my love and enthusiasm for these magnificent animals.

I’m always eager to learn, grow, and discover new insights that contribute to the world of horses. As I journey through my education and continue my involvement in the equestrian community, my passion for equine science and the welfare of these majestic creatures only grows stronger by the day.