Author - Caitlin Boyle

Hey there! I hail from the serene town of Hampshire, Illinois, and at 22 years old, I’m immersed in the vibrant realm of Auburn University. Here, I’m majoring in Family Business and Entrepreneurship, a crucial stepping stone in shaping my future career within the equestrian world. My passion for horses is deeply rooted in my family’s legacy, and this education is my gateway to not only honor but expand upon that heritage.

Horseback riding has been an integral part of my life for as long as I can remember, a gift from my father who introduced me to the equestrian world at the tender age of four. My dad and grandfather’s legacy in the horse business has been a guiding light, propelling my journey into competitive riding. Starting with jumpers and hunters, I transitioned into the equitation divisions at the age of 13, marking the beginning of a thrilling and rewarding phase in my equestrian career.

My dedication and hard work were evident as I consistently qualified for all the equitation finals, a testament to the countless hours spent perfecting my craft. At sixteen, I showcased my skills in Wellington, Florida, setting the stage for an extraordinary journey ahead. The following year, an opportunity to train with Andre Dignelli at Heritage Farm unfolded, an experience that was nothing short of incredible. Working with such exceptional horses and under the guidance of a seasoned professional was a pivotal moment, enriching my skills and broadening my horizons in the equestrian sphere.

Beyond the stables, I cherish moments spent with friends, relishing the simplicity of watching movies and the exhilaration of working out. These pursuits offer a well-deserved break from the rigors of training and competitions, fostering a balance that fuels both my physical and mental well-being. As I navigate the realms of academics and riding, I am driven by a deep passion for horses and an unwavering determination to create a thriving career within the equestrian domain.