Author - Bryant Fox

I’m a small-town girl from Greenville, Ohio, sharing my roots with a younger brother who’s been my partner-in-crime since day one. Currently, my days are brimming with the vibrancy of the University of Findlay, where I’m pursuing a double major in Western Equestrian Studies and Business Management. This blend of academia not only keeps me on my toes but also opens doors to an array of opportunities that continually fuel my passions.

At the University, my schedule is packed with the enriching whirlwind of equestrian studies and business management. The Western Equestrian Studies program has been a gateway to a world I’ve adored since childhood, allowing me to deepen my understanding of Western riding techniques and horse care. Simultaneously, delving into the depths of business management provides me with insights that I aim to merge with my equestrian interests, creating a foundation for a future that harmonizes passion and practicality.

But when the hustle and bustle of university life ease off, you’ll find me engrossed in self-growth books, delving into the transformative power of words and ideas. The great outdoors beckons me with its tranquil charm, offering a refreshing escape from the rigors of academia. Movies, an avenue for both entertainment and a shared experience, occupy a special place in my heart, allowing me to unwind and immerse myself in captivating stories.

Moreover, friends are the pillars of my downtime – the moments spent hanging out with them, sharing laughter and creating unforgettable memories are the cherries on top of a fulfilling life. Through this intricate balance of academic rigor and personal interests, I continue to carve my path, driven by a curiosity to explore and a fervor to grow, both personally and professionally.