Author - Brittany T.

I’m Bryanna Tanase, a vibrant 23-year-old para-equestrian, living in Trinity, FL and navigating life with cerebral palsy (CP) while carving my path in Grade I Paradressage riding. I was diagnosed at 11 months old, and my love affair with horses began after a visit to a farm in preschool, where a palomino pony stole my heart. Despite limited interaction with horses in my early years, my adoration grew through books, movies, and an enduring dream of having a pony of my own.

My discovery of dressage and paradressage via online videos ignited an unshakable ambition to excel in the sport. Though restricted access to riding initially hindered my journey, Quantum Leap Farm’s therapeutic riding program in 2016 became a game-changer. It marked the start of my independent riding journey, fostering a deep connection with horses and refining my skills.

Challenges abound in the equestrian community due to accessibility issues and concerns about accommodating riders with disabilities. However, the unwavering support from Quantum Leap Farm and Emerald M has been pivotal in overcoming these hurdles.

My ultimate goal is to qualify for the US Paradressage Team and compete in the 2028 Paralympics in Los Angeles. Achieving this involves a series of smaller goals, from therapeutic riding and dressage training to securing significant scores in affiliated shows and virtual programs.

Beyond the saddle, I’m an advocate for para-equestrian inclusivity, using social media, articles, and educational initiatives to promote awareness. My parents’ support, after initial disagreements, has been crucial in my journey. Financial constraints add complexity, requiring funding not only for riding and show fees but also for essential physical therapy.

My aspirations extend beyond personal achievements. I’m driven to influence positive change in the equestrian industry, advocating for para-equestrians to pursue their passions without limitations. I aim to break barriers and create opportunities for para-equestrians as I continue my journey.