Author - Blythe Poor

I hail from the bustling city of Brooklyn, New York, and I found my way to Bennington College to explore my fervor for the visual arts, focusing on the realms of painting and illustration. It’s here that I delve into the world of creativity, expressing my thoughts and emotions through the strokes of a brush and the lines of a sketch.

Amid the rigorous coursework, I treasure the pockets of free time that grant me the opportunity to explore diverse interests. Drawing serves as a therapeutic outlet, a realm where my imagination takes flight. I find solace in the world of literature, diving into captivating stories and embracing the diverse perspectives each narrative unveils. Video games, a shared passion with my brother, not only provide moments of bonding but also offer an immersive escape into fantastical realms.

Recently, I’ve stumbled upon a newfound passion: customizing Breyer model horses. This artistic pursuit allows me to merge my love for visual arts with my deep-rooted fascination for these miniature equine sculptures, crafting unique and personalized renditions that speak to my creative spirit.

Moreover, my college journey isn’t solely confined to the arts. I am actively involved in the Bennington College Equestrian Team, a vibrant community where my love for horses intertwines with my academic pursuits. It’s an exhilarating experience, not just for the joy of riding but also for the camaraderie and shared passion for equines that unites our team.

In the amalgamation of art, literature, gaming, and the equestrian realm, I discover the facets that collectively shape my identity and fuel my journey of self-discovery. My canvas is not just limited to paint and paper but extends to the varied interests that color the canvas of my life.