Author - Ashleigh F.

Hi there, I’m Ashleigh, and my love for writing beautifully intertwines with my passion for all things equine. With a sturdy foundation in animal science and an affinity for horses, I’ve been part of the equestrian world for as long as I can remember. The delightful herd of three horses that I personally tend to is not just a hobby but a way of life for me.

Beyond the saddle and stables, I am enthusiastic about expressing my equestrian experiences and knowledge through the art of writing. My animal science background has not only shaped my understanding of horses but also complements my work in the stable. Every interaction, experience, and lesson learned from my equine companions finds its way into my words, allowing me to share the profound joys and intricacies of being an equestrian.

From my journey within the stables to the boundless adventures that come with caring for these majestic creatures, I aim to weave informative and insightful tales about horses that resonate with fellow equestrians and enthusiasts.