Author - Anu Joshi

I am Anu, a product of a diverse cultural tapestry, born in Spain to Indian parents and raised in the heart of the Midwest. For 25 years, horses have been the center of my world, shaping every facet of my life. My journey began when I started riding at the age of seven, a pursuit that quickly became an integral part of who I am. Thanks to supportive parents, I was given the opportunity to immerse myself in the equestrian world, spending my formative years at the barn, cultivating a deep love and understanding of horses.

The turning point came when my family welcomed our first horse, Achates, an off-the-track Thoroughbred adopted through CANTER. He became not just my first horse but a companion who embodied bravery, kindness, and an unwavering work ethic. With Achates by my side, I ventured to Florida to further my education in dressage under the guidance of an S Level judge. This experience solidified my belief in the responsibility riders hold to bring out the best in their equine partners.

Upon my return home, our family expanded once again with the addition of Basilio, a PRE colt. Raising and training him has been an extraordinary experience, nurturing the hopes that he will one day become my FEI partner. As we prepare to embark on his journey under saddle this summer, the future looks promising.

Presently, I dedicate my time to Detroit Horse Power, an organization merging youth programs and equine activities to create a safe and nurturing environment for young riders. Through this work, I advocate for inclusivity and equity within the equestrian community. Looking ahead, I aspire to establish a small equestrian facility, offering educational opportunities to local riders and working to eliminate the barriers that limit access within our sport.

Anu is a devoted dressage rider, passionate about the stories woven into the equine world. Her equestrian journey continues, nurturing her off-the-track Thoroughbred and developing her Andalusian yearling, all while celebrating the joy every moment in the saddle brings.