Author - Alyssa Simin

I’m a senior at the University of Findlay, hailing from the scenic town of Ramsey, New Jersey. My academic journey here is a vibrant fusion of diverse interests, as I pursue a triple major in English Equestrian Studies and Business Management, coupled with a minor in Psychology.

Horses have been my lifelong passion, and the English Equestrian Studies program at the university perfectly complements this ardor. It’s where I immerse myself in the art and discipline of English riding, honing my skills and knowledge in jumping, dressage, and other facets of this elegant discipline. The program has been a remarkable avenue to deepen my understanding of equine behavior and training methods while nurturing my profound love for these magnificent animals.

Beyond the equestrian world, my enthusiasm for business management springs from a desire to blend my passion with practical expertise. I’m driven to understand the nuances of business operations, aiming to merge this knowledge with my profound love for the equine industry, fostering a well-rounded skill set for a future career.

In the realm of academia, I’m also delving into psychology, recognizing its invaluable application in various aspects of life. Exploring the human mind and behavior enriches my understanding of people and their interactions, offering a holistic perspective that I believe will complement my pursuits in the equestrian and business realms.

When I’m not immersed in the academic realm or surrounded by horses, you’ll find me drawn to the tranquil beauty of the beach. There’s something magical about the ocean—its vastness, the rhythmic waves, and the refreshing embrace of swimming in its waters. It’s my go-to place for relaxation and rejuvenation, providing a perfect balance to my equestrian and academic endeavors.

This intricate tapestry of interests and pursuits shapes my life, a harmonious blend of academic exploration, equestrian devotion, and the serene escape found by the ocean’s shore.