Author - Allison G.

I’m Aleks Gill, and I’ve immersed myself in the equestrian world, wearing multiple hats and exploring diverse aspects of this magnificent realm. My journey began with a Bachelor of Arts in Animal Sciences, a foundational step that opened the doors to my multi-faceted equine adventure.

My professional trajectory led me to work alongside an esteemed equine veterinarian, delving deep into the healthcare and wellness sphere of these magnificent animals. Additionally, I lent my time and efforts to a therapeutic riding nonprofit, where I witnessed the transformative power of equine therapy in the lives of many.

Beyond my hands-on experiences, I’ve dabbled in equine photography, capturing the splendor and beauty of these majestic creatures through my lens. The joy of composing visual stories around horses has been a passion that allowed me to share their captivating world through my eyes.

Currently, I am privileged to care for two wonderful horses on my small farm, nurturing a connection that spans both English and Western riding styles. This enriching experience has provided me with an intimate understanding of the diverse needs and joys that horses bring to their riders in various disciplines.

I’ve also ventured into the realm of the written word, with my equestrian insights and knowledge featured on Writing has been a rewarding medium for me to share my experiences, offering guidance and fostering a greater understanding of the equestrian world.

In addition to these diverse roles, I’ve found an outlet in social media management, where I’ve had the opportunity to connect with a wider equestrian community, engaging and sharing insights and stories, enriching our collective experience with these incredible animals. The journey with horses is an ongoing learning process, and I’m delighted to continue exploring and contributing to this extraordinary realm.