Author - Ali S.

Hey, I’m Anne Stanek, and horses have been the beating heart of my life for as long as I can remember. My passion led me on a thrilling journey, from delving into equine science and nutrition courses to penning insightful pieces about rider fitness and horse health.

My dedication to horses goes beyond theory. I have the pleasure of sharing my life with two magnificent Morgan horses. They’ve become an integral part of my riding, driving, and showing adventures. As a proud owner, I cherish the bond I’ve developed with each of them, exploring a harmonious blend of disciplines and styles.

One of my most rewarding moments was clinching the Saddleseat Road Hack National Championship. This triumph is a testament to the dedication and partnership I’ve cultivated with my equine companions.

Beyond riding and competing, I express my love for horses through the written word. My articles for the Missouri Horse Shows Association are a platform to share my insights, experiences, and knowledge about the equestrian world. Writing allows me to contribute to the equine community by providing informative and engaging content that fellow enthusiasts can enjoy.

In my writing, I explore diverse topics such as rider fitness, horse nutrition, breeds, and profiles. The goal is to inspire, educate, and offer valuable information to horse lovers.

My life revolves around these incredible animals, and each day, I find joy in understanding their world more deeply. As I continue to learn and grow within this dynamic equestrian realm, my aim is to share my experiences and expertise with a community as passionate about horses as I am.