Rookie Cards

“More Leg!” for Your Mindset

Whether you’re brand new to riding, returning to the barn after time away, or a seasoned equestrian, everyone (yes, literally all of us) feel likes a “Horse Rookie” from time to time.

rookie cards

This 50-card affirmation deck delivers the powerful motivation and perspective you crave in a pint-size package. Draw one card every morning to start your day right, or reserve them for days when you’re struggling the most. Filled with authentic advice, good (or at least decent) humor, and mindset shifts, Rookie Cards is a gift that keeps on giving — to yourself or the other horse lovers in your life.

The equivalent of “More Leg!” for your brain, this deck helps you:

  • Cultivate a learning mindset that forgives missteps and celebrates progress. 
  • Frame challenging circumstances in productive and motivational ways.
  • Cheer up when the going gets tough and refocus on all you do right.

Rookie Cards are available for pre-order at an early bird rate of $24.99.

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