Intro to Basic Care and Management

Why We Love It:

Knowing the history and physiology of horses can help us understand how to care for our own horse so much better. In The Horse Course, offered by The University of Florida, you’ll be surprised at how engaging this online course is and how much you’ll learn about your own horse’s care by studying the equine species as a whole.

Covering everything from the history of the horse (and donkey) to their anatomy, behavior, nutrition, and beyond, you’ll find that these universal truths about the equid species will help you both appreciate and holistically care for your horse even more.

What You’ll Learn:

  • The history of the horse and its role in the development of society throughout the centuries
  • Breeds, coloring, anatomy, and common threats to equine health
  • Equine behavior, movement, senses, and communication as it relates to our handling and training
  • Horse health and welfare, nutrition based on their physiology, and breeding

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