Savvy Horsewoman Headquarters

Why We Love It:

If you’d like ongoing support with horse riding and ownership, but don’t have a huge budget (by the way, who made hay so expensive?), Savvy Horsewoman Headquarters might be exactly what you’re looking for. This membership is packed with in-depth, practical courses and a resource library for riding, training, feeding, grooming, health, and stable management from experts in the equine industry.

Savvy Horsewoman HQ is always adding new courses and resources, but you can always go back and binge any of the courses already released. Plus, you receive the community support you need to ensure both you and your horse reach your full potential. Connect with experts, ask questions, and share your progress, all within a group of helpful, like-minded horsewomen.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Fundamental groundwork training and more effective communication with your horse through emotional motivation
  • Fear-free riding through mindfulness and how to create more ease in your rides through the Feldenkrais method.
  • Be empowered when working with your horse!
  • How to budget for your horse expenses for the entire year
  • How to get the perfect saddle fit—both for the horse and the rider

What It Costs:

$10.99/month or $100/year

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