A Horse Rookie Guide’s to Show Jumping

show jumping guide

Why We Love It:

Ready to stop feeling like a "Rookie?" The best remedy is knowledge. That's why we created this 26-page beginner-friendly overview of show jumping. Whether you're brand new to the sport, starting to compete, or simply curious if this discipline might be a good fit, you need to know the basics.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Learn about the different types of jumping
  • Start speaking—and understanding—the lingo
  • Find out what equipment you (and your horse) need starting out
  • Understand which classes to enter at a show and how to win
  • Identify the 10 most common types of fences
  • Add 5 beginner exercises to your practice plans
  • Make the most of your course walk
  • Get 10 Rookie Tips to improve your skills
  • Set and track your show jumping goals

If you're excited to enter the world of show jumping, this 26-page guide is the perfect "jumping off point!"

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More About This Resource

For rookie riders venturing into the captivating world of show jumping, this comprehensive guide is an invaluable asset.

Embarking on the journey of show jumping as a rookie rider can be both exhilarating and daunting. The intricacies of this discipline, from understanding the technicalities of different jumps to mastering the art of precision and distances, can be overwhelming. This is precisely why this beginner's guide becomes your ultimate companion, a beacon of knowledge in an unfamiliar terrain.

First and foremost, this guide demystifies the complexity of show jumping. For those fresh to the sport, it breaks down the fundamentals, providing a clear roadmap to comprehend the various types of jumps, equipment necessities, and the essential terminology. Understanding the vocabulary and gear is crucial, and this guide serves as a primer for rookies to converse confidently and equip themselves appropriately.

Moreover, it doesn't stop at just the basics. It goes above and beyond by offering insights into competition strategies, classes to enter, and crucial tips on how to navigate a show successfully. Learning about the different types of fences, practicing beginner exercises, and gaining an edge with course walks and invaluable rookie tips, this guide acts as a mentor, providing indispensable advice for skill enhancement and confidence building.

Rookie riders can consider this guide a tailored roadmap, leading them toward their show jumping aspirations. It doesn’t merely educate; it empowers. By setting and tracking goals and providing a comprehensive view of the discipline, it aids in cultivating a mindset for progress and improvement.

For those eager to fast-track their learning curve and make a formidable entry into the show jumping arena, this guide stands as the foundational pillar supporting their journey from novice to adept rider."

This additional content focuses on the benefits of the guide for rookie riders, emphasizing how it serves as a foundational and invaluable resource for those starting in the world of show jumping.