A Horse Rookie’s Guide to Dressage

dressage guide

Why We Love It:

Ready to stop feeling like a "Rookie?" The best remedy is knowledge. That's why we created this 27-page beginner-friendly overview of dressage. Whether you're brand new to the sport, starting to compete, or simply curious if this discipline might be a good fit, you need to know the basics.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Learn about the history and purpose of the sport
  • Start speaking—and understanding—the lingo
  • Find out what equipment you (and your horse) need starting out
  • Understand how levels are organized and scored
  • Identify 10 common dressage movements
  • Add 5 beginner exercises to your practice plans
  • Memorize your test like a pro
  • Get 10 Rookie Tips to improve your skills
  • Set and track your dressage goals

If you're excited to enter the world of dressage, this guide is the perfect place to start!

What It Costs:


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