The Arena Grande: Riding For Soundness

horse riding self carriage

Why We Love It:

Many of us riders started out on a horse that already knew how to carry itself and we didn't get to learn how to teach our horses to carry themselves. Likewise, many horses on the market have never learned how to carry their bodies for long-term soundness.

The Arena Grande Self Carriage program at Equestrian Movement helps bridge this immense gap and teaches you how to encourage your horse towards self-carriage under saddle, ensuring their biomechanic health and soundness for years to come.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Methods to teach your horse to be both forward and relaxed under saddle while also keeping their hind end engaged (better for overall movement)
  • How to encourage free movement in your horse’s body under saddle (versus just being held in a “frame”)
  • Achieving self-carriage without resorting to pulling, jamming, or using unnecessary artificial tools in training

What It Costs:

$74.00 AUD Membership

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