Leg Up Coaching

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Why We Love It:

Riding is truly a journey, and one of the most crucial aspects of success (as in every area of life) is having guided mentorship to help you reach your goals. In Leg Up Coaching, not only do you have access to an immense video course library to enrich your riding skills, but also monthly live coaching calls with riding coach, Callie King, and Equestrian Life Coach, Jenna Knudsen!

Leg Up Coaching also keeps you accountable with exclusive progress trackers so that you can see your growth month after month. Learning the skills you need while also jumping mental and emotional obstacles sounds like a win-win in our book.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Discover what’s holding you back in your riding and how to overcome those obstacles
  • Dive deep into riding topics like learning to jump for the first time, dealing with a spooky horse on the trail, and dealing with a bucking horse
  • Equine care fundamentals including saddle fit, nutrition, and hoof care

What It Costs:


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