Equine Welfare and Management Course

Why We Love It:

UC Davis is world-renowned for its School of Veterinary Medicine, including research and teaching around the equine species. In this course, designed by UC Davis veterinarians, you can truly learn from the experts about the welfare of horses.

Focusing particularly on “The Five Freedoms” of animal welfare, this course examines the horse’s needs first, and gives special consideration to the level of care needed by equine athletes.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Basic equine physiology, how to read equine vitas, along with the healthy range for each of the vital signs
  • The importance of creating a safe and comfortable environment for horses, including recommendations for creating the optimal equine environment
  • Injury prevention and common diseases that horses face, as well as how to read the cues that indicate their mental state
  • The unique responsibilities we have towards performance horses to ensure their overall well-being

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