Developing Balance in Hand

horse in hand

Why We Love It:

Tension: often the culprit of things like crookedness, stiffness, and hollowness in our horses can also lead to more extreme behavior issues like anxiety, bucking, and head shaking. What we want is to help our horses get back to balanced, supple, and soft movement. The good news is that we can, with Developing Balance in Hand. In-hand work can help us teach our horses how to move their bodies with greater ease and less tension with your instructor, Patrick King.

What You’ll Learn:

  • The foundation and benefits of in-hand work
  • How to warm up your horse and teach the in-hand positions and progressive movement towards better balance in a halter and bridle
  • Advance to a collected Shoulder In, Haunches In, Half Pass, and Piaffe
  • How to transfer this improved movement into your riding

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