Building the Showjumper

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Why We Love It:

One simple thing sets apart a horse that’s just okay at jumping from one who is a great jumper, and that thing is confidence. But you might be wondering if this is just an innate trait, or whether it’s trainable. The good news is that confidence comes from how a horse is taught, not how a horse is bred.

In Building the Showjumper, you can learn the methodology that will teach your horse to feel comfortable using their body and mind when jumping at different paces, heights, lengths, and even difficult approaches.

What You’ll Learn:

  • The psychology of jumping for the horse and how to slowly build a confident foundation
  • How to use lunging, long-lining, and grid work to develop balance and problem-solving skills in your horse
  • How to retrain the horse that refuses, rushes, or runs out of jumps by addressing their anxiety

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