ABCs to On the Aids

abc aids

Why We Love It:

Movement in the equine body is crucial to our horse’s comfort and performance, as well as our ability to ride with them as a team. The rub, however, is that though we know the nebulous concepts of “getting the head low,” “engaging the hind end,” and “making him round,” most of us don’t understand the whole picture of what the horse’s movement is supposed to look like.

In ABCs to On the Aids, Wendy Murdoch will teach you how to first recognize quality movement, and then actually feel it in the saddle.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Equine anatomy and how it relates to movement under saddle, including the true definitions of riding terms like “on the bit”, “throughness”, “impulsion”, and “collection”
  • How to recognize good and bad movement in the topline, core and rib cage with real-life examples under saddle and on the lunge line
  • Feeling the difference in the saddle between bad and good movement and how to transition your horse from the former to the latter

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