Equestrian Safety Course

horse safety course

Why We Love It:

Being around horses comes with risks — big ones. They are, after all, many times our size with minds of their own. Horses have their own fears, too, and their prey mentality can make them unpredictable.

No wonder so many of us struggle to feel truly at ease around these animals—regardless of our skill level, discipline, and situation. That's why we created the Safe & Sound Equestrian Safety Course.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Why Equestrian Safety is Critical
  • Safe vs. Scared Mindset
  • Our Impact on Equine Safety
  • Safety Equipment for the Rider
  • Equine Physiology and Psychology
  • Choosing the Right Horse for YOU!
  • Tack and Equipment Safety
  • Troubleshooting When Things Go Wrong
  • Training & Handling Safety
  • Safety on the Ground
  • Trailering Safety
  • Off-Property Safety
  • Basic Safety in the Saddle
  • Facility Safety and Design
  • Preventative Care
  • First Aid for Horses
  • Equine Insurance

True equestrian safety means FREEDOM—from fear, anxiety, injury, and negative experiences. Stay safe so you can keep riding!

What It Costs:


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