Course Walk Course

show jumping course walk

Why We Love It:

If you're a showjumper, you know that mastering the course walk is a crucial step (pun intended) for mastering the competition round. But developing a solid course walk isn't as simple as merely memorizing what to jump when.

That's where having a course walk playbook comes into play, and that's why we created The Course Walk Course. It's time to walk your winning ride!

What You’ll Learn:

  • Course design strategy
  • Common types of jumps
  • Environmental factors
  • Ins and outs of how competition works
  • Course from your horse's point of view (physically and mentally)
  • Building a backup plan into your course walk
  • How to ride a sample show jumping course

The Course Walk Course consists of four modules—13 total lessons—including primarily written content, plus 40 minutes of video instruction that walk through a sample course.

What It Costs:


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